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I am a golf professional, aiming to change the way golf is taught. Too many golfers are struggling to achieve their true potential through bad habits, advice and help. I am looking to change this, one golfer at a time. This is the reason I started golf coaching. Book a lesson and I can help you become the golfer that you have always wanted to be. From only 35€/h. Costa Blanca, Spain. BOOK NOW!

Specializing in:

Short Game
Mental Aspect
Golf Rules
Long Game

Many golfers find it difficult to improve their games, even with the help of a pro, why is this?

It is my belief that the main reason behind this is the “closed” and “stereotypical” way in which golf has been taught over the decades. I am going to try and change that, build new belief paths and ultimately help golfers achieve their full potential, regardless of the amount of time they have to dedicate to practice.

Alex Ward Golf Coach

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Alex Ward Golf Coach-GolfStash

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Alexander Ward Golf Coach

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